Which to choose? Gluten free or truly gluten free?

That really is the question.  Little did I know that when my book writing journey started around the first of the year (wow, that was a long time ago) I had know idea what I was going to learn.


Now, I have been cooking and thinking about food and its effects on the body for decades.  I knew, from personal experience, that if you eat too many foods that are high in carbs, fats and sugars, your body will reflect it.  And mine sure did.  But for many years, I didn’t hear the words carbohydrate, low-glycemic and in particular – gluten. 


Sure, I heard about how fat wasn’t good – but I can actually remember thinking, how on earth can fried chicken be bad for you?  it is chicken!  Silly me.  Poor, uninformed child!  Or poor ostrich is more like it. 


I couldn’t understand how some people could eat everything and anything and not put on weight, while others had to constantly monitor each morsel they ate.  Good thing I danced from the time I was young – I am sure that, even though I battled my weight from the time I was 10, had I not always been active I would be so much heavier. 


Now, I know that genetics can play a role in how your body metabolizes food, too, but we are so fortunate today to really understand how the body processes the food we eat.


As most of you know the title of my soon-to-be released book is ‘Is Gluten Free For Me’ featuring 21 gluten free recipes, plus so much more in-depth information on the effects gluten and low-glycemic foods have on your body.


I went to my favorite market yesterday, Albertson’s, in Mission Viejo.  It was pretty surprising to see what was prominently displayed right as I entered the door!  It made me start thinking.  Goodness, gluten free labeling is all over – then I went to the baking aisle.  And look!  Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE baking and sweets (ok, sometimes too much) but it is amazing to me how much attention is being given to gluten free foods.  And, as you read in my book, you will see that is with good reason.


But I was also thinking – there is gluten free AND truly gluten free.  Think about it – there are amazing gluten free flours and mixes to bake yummy concoctions – but beware, they can be misleading.  That doesn’t mean browniesyou can’t have goodies – just remember that calories are calories.  Since my only frame of reference has ALWAYS been about watching what I eat, I am a bit leery of finding these delicious alternatives.  There are just as many people who can eat anything and these make great alternatives.




There are also gluten free lunch meats that are so tasty.  Guess my point in all of this musing is that TRULY gluten free foods can be found in the veggie and fruit aisle and in the lean meat and fish department as opposed to the processed food departments.


green and red healthy food


It is all about choices, isn’t it? 

 meat aisle

Please be sure to order your book!  Blessings!


Joyce Goodman




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