Whew! A big corner was turned this week!

Last week I shared an article with you that I planned to talk more about this week.  But claiming my right as a woman to change my mind, I would like to talk to you about what is, to me, a real milestone.  And it turned out to be a revelation.  I finished writing my book!  Some of you may know that I have been working on what started out to be a recipe book but turned into much more.  And so did I!  By testing all that good food I gained weight!  Ugh!

  gain weight

It is hard to believe that this journey began around November of last year.  I met the most wonderful person, Elsa Bugarini, at a networking meeting.  She is a social media maven.  We started talking and what began as a friendly meeting turned into a wonderful, challenging and at times, an overwhelming project.  Elsa and her partner, the very patient and knowledgeable Wendy Day-Brown, asked me if I would/could write a cookbook.  Of course I said I could (and those of you that know me know that I often do this and go – yikes – what did I just agree to do).


Well, this adventure has taken us down some pretty interesting roads.  But the end result, the book, has surpassed what I had hoped it would be.  It is filled with not only tasty recipes but has very comprehensive information on how food and your choices affect you.  Dr. Ladd McNamara graciously shares his knowledge too.  As the book gets closer to becoming available, more information will be available.

Let me tell you that I have learned more about myself and what drives me and my passion for helping people by writing (and re-writing and re-reading) this book.


I have discovered that I am always up for a challenge, that I totally lose myself in tasks that are given to me.  It is exhilarating, exhausting and exciting. 


Looking in the mirror I see my mother and my grandmother looking back at me.  On the outside I am what I appear to be, a 74 year-old woman with white hair and lots of lines on my face.   It is stunning to realize that next year I will be three quarters of a century old.  But on the inside, I am full of life and I am always looking to see what is just around the river bend.  (OK, I could live in a Disney movie)!

riverbend The contents of this book brought back many memories.  Some that are very sweet and some that are very sad.  But it also is providing an amazing opportunity for me to work with my wonderful son Mark who contributed a unique component to the book.

Well, I hope your interest is piqued and you will be looking forward to the book.  Hopefully the online version will be available on Amazon around August 9th.  So stay tuned! 

Don’t ever think that advancing years will slow you down.  Hey – I am just getting started!  Have a fabulous week. 






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