Triangle of Good Health

I am fortunate to be a mother. As a younger mom, I knew that one of my biggest jobs was to feed my children to keep them healthy. One child of mine, my youngest son, had diabetes. His body could not produce enough insulin to process the foods he ate. It was such a mystery. Many foods he ate spiked his blood sugars. He struggled for many years, trying to keep his blood sugar levels under control. Sometimes his insulin worked, sometimes it didn’t. I lost him to the ravages of the disease when he was 44. Watching my son’s struggle, I became passionate about finding ways to help people find balance in their lives.

This is how the design and development of my Triangle of Good Health came to fruition.

We have choices. The food we eat, the way we move our bodies and how we accept and deal with what life hands us.

This program and system offers you choices. This system is the result of extensive research and over thirty years of experience that culminated in the merging of three different modalities that form the Triangle of Good Health.

One side of the triangle is devoted to nutrition which is represented by the food that we eat.  Foods that are low-glycemic are a great choice. I will explain more in this book. Healthy foods combined with high quality nutritional supplements enhance your bones, tissues and muscles. The other side of the triangle is exercise. You can eat right and take vitamins, but if you don’t move your body, you won’t build strength and endurance. With my Bounce Your Way to Better Health exercise program, you will find that exercise can be both fun and effective. At the base of the triangle is MindFULLness. I intentionally spelled the word with two L’s to remind you to focus on the word full. Learn to identify whether you are truly hungry, or if you are bored, tired or upset. Do something fun or creative instead reaching for sweets. Now, look at yourself as being in the center of the triangle, at the heart.  By following this system, I help you create the mindset needed to be successful.  With this system failure is not an option.