The true meaning of Grace Under Fire (at least to me)!

Do we really know what that means?  I wonder!  This has been on my mind a lot in the past two months.  And more so this week.  The secular description of Grace Under Fire is as follows:

According to some sources, the phrase grace under fire refers to someone who can remain calm, cool and collected even in stressful situations. Others say it can be related to grace under pressure, which was Ernest Hemingway’s definition of “courage”.

One of the finest measures of the human soul is the capacity to maintain grace under fire. Most individuals who have distinguished themselves in rising above the chaos, evil and fear spinning around them speak of having “received” inner strength from outside their own interior resources.

This strength allowed them to rise above the situations of a stressful condition, to respond compassionately, to think clearly, and to ultimately display the very best in human character.  March 01 2017 Source:

Beginning on the 21st of February, my dear husband has had some pretty daunting health issues – but, buy the Grace of God, he returns to work today!  On the 27th of March, our water heater broke, causing water damage to half of our little house.  By the Grace of God, our insurance is covering the damage, plus covering our stay at a local hotel (with an ocean view)!  We will be there another 3 weeks or so until our house is livable again.  But, by the Grace of God, He has protected us, funded us and allowed us to share His blessings with two of the most wonderful men from my church to help us rebuild.  They are blessing us with their talents and God has allowed us to bless them with the funds to pay for their talents.  Plus, we were able to bless our Church, also!  In my wildest dreams I would not have imagined how we were going to get through all of this!  God is SO Good!

The most perfect example of the Grace of God was when He gave us His Only Begotten Son to die on the cross for our sins.  In Jesus’ human agony, He cried out ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” But then He knew that by God’s Grace, He could say – ‘Forgive them fore they know not what they do’ fully knowing that on the third day (Easter/Resurrection Sunday) He would go from the cross to sit on the right hand of God, the Father Almighty!

The bottom line – when you are under ‘fire’, when you think there is no way out, when you don’t understand what is happening.  Just turn to God and ask for His Grace to cover you and get you through.  It may not appear, at the time, that the answers are coming.  But, trust Him – they will come and in the most unexpected way!


Love and blessings – Joyce Goodman

2 thoughts on “The true meaning of Grace Under Fire (at least to me)!

  1. Thank you Joyce, so beautifully written. Thank God that he is watching over you as you and Ken have endured through so much. Are you really living in Costa Mesa now? I miss you and would like to see you soon when it is convenient for you. With love, blessings and much gratitude.

    1. Dearest Jitka – how wonderful to hear from you! No, we are in San Juan. I would LOVE to get together – I miss you too! Let me get through this next week and hopefully get back in my house then YES! Let’s get together. Bless you too, sweetheart – God is SO good, isn’t He? Love you! Joyce

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