Thanksgiving – what’s for dinner, plus a sneak peak at the seasonings and a thought about being thankful


All Seasoning BottlesI just love Thanksgiving and all that it encompasses.  It is the opportunity to get together with my family.  Everyone is so busy, it seems that we always kind of dash in an out of each others lives.  But on this day as on Christmas, birthdays and Easter – we actually have the chance to spend a bit more time together.

Now, don’t get me wrong – we talk a lot and see each other often, but not for an extended period of time.  And this year I have a special project for them.  We are going to label and put the safety seal our first batch of seasonings.  Together, in one room – yay!  Working on the family project. 

Of course, I will be cooking and baking – and everyone always brings something.  My son Mark will be bringing his famous mashed potatoes.  I have also asked him to bring me a batch of his wonderful ranch and poultry seasonings several days in advance.  Christina, one of the ‘daughter’s of my heart’ is a fabulous cook and she always brings wonderful things to add to our feast.  

I will be doing the turkey, stuffing, gravy (which my son helps season and stir), rib roast and a great low calorie broccoli casserole. I always bake my own rolls.  This year I am preparing pumpkin custard that is gluten free and has fewer calories than pumpkin pie but tastes just as yummy.

Wow, my mouth is watering just thinking of all these wonderful dishes.  Of course I will have plenty of fresh veggies.  We usually have some goodies ahead of time to munch on and I always make a large platter of rainbow colored veggies and prepare a dip using my son’s Ranch seasoning.  This year I am making small turkey meatballs that I serve in a sweet chili sauce. 

Ok, enough – I am making myself hungry.  I plan on really being conscientious and mindful about my portions.  Also, I have been trying todog in the wind do some extra walking.  I can tell you this, it doesn’t help to write a book about food – boy oh boy – you have to test everything you make.  I so try to do things in moderation, but it seems like this whole last year I have done nothing but think about food. 

And, speaking about the book – the release date has been set for the second week in January – so, if you haven’t ordered yours yet, be sure you do. 


If you would like me to share a couple of my Thanksgiving recipes with you, I would love to.  Just contact me at joycegoodman@bounce2health. 

Now, I would like to leave you with this:  Don’t just be thankful on Thanksgiving Day – everyday find things to be thankful for – and not just for good circumstances – in ALL things give thanks.  Even during the trials and difficulties.  Those are the times that I have found I have grown the most.  Is it easy to be thankful during those times?  No, but I do know that those time can produce blessings beyond belief. 

Just keep looking up.  You will be ok. 

Blessings and love to you and your families and loved ones.

Joyce Goodman




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