Some people just want to ‘forget’ their birthdays – nope, not me!


Yippee!  I’m excited.  Today is my birthday. i m a year older  but what about the wiser?  Nope.  Haven’t noticed it.   


I had a lot of fun looking at humorous thoughts on getting older. 


Here is an excerpt from something that made me laugh:


“I wonder what my insides might be discussing right now?

Mind:  Thank God she is a year older – now she can safely blame it on her age when she starts acting weird”!  (But wait, hasn’t that happened a lot for a long time now)?


“Arms:  Can age really do that?  You wave twice!  What’s with the loose muscles joining in the fun of waving bye bye”!  Yikes!


“Stomach:  I can just hear it saying:  Oh God, she is a year older.  Enough already, how much more does she want to pile in.  Have some pity here (:(:(

Then the back might chime in:  Hey, watch it you guys in the front – go easy on the bulge”.


Then I found this on Suzzwords:

“Advantage of Getting Older Number One:  You don’t have to hear, “My how you have grown.”

Remember that?  In our youth, any adult who had not seen us for at least fifteen minutes was auto-verbalized to say those words.


Advantage of Getting Older Number Two: We no longer have to decide what we want to be when we grow up.

It seemed from the age of three up, we were constantly asked this question by relatives, teachers, and even strangers. When I was growing up, girls who replied with occupations like engineer, doctor, or astral physicist, were redirected to more “rewarding” goals like housewife/mommy, teacher, or nurse”. Not that there is anything wrong with those goals, but just look what women are able to achieve now without being frowned upon!  The sky is the limit!


“I think as a child and teenager I thought “getting old” would be terrible because it seems, to a child, that older people never have any fun. That is funny. “Old” people have ALL the fun. We get to do all the things we want…when we want… and how we want!



I love the privilege of aging and all the blessings I get to enjoy as I get older”.


And my own thoughts:  I am grateful for every day I get.  If you had told me while I was growing up that “growing up” would be so much fun I would have tried to enjoy it more.  The older I get, the more I find I can do.  The numerical number of your age means nothing. 


I am so grateful that I have been blessed with wonderful genes and a thirst to discover new things.  Boy, I sure try to say ‘sure, I can do that’ then try to figure out how, rather than say – ‘gee, I don’t think I can do that’. 


Do everything in moderation – eat your veggies, floss, take your vitamins exercise.  Age?  Bring it on!  I am ready for more.  Blessings and love everyone.


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