Out of necessity comes creativity – my hubby’s words. Here are a couple of gluten free ideas for summer fruits!

We have plum, pear, apple and peach trees that are being overly prolific this year.  My poor husband has to go outside everyday after work and pick and rake.  Bless his heart.  He feels like he lives on a farm – always has ‘chores’.


The plums came first – of course we share the bounty but there are so many that we can hardly keep up.  Reminds me of growing up in Arcadia,  My stepmom would can all the fruits we had.  Well, I don’t have time to spend days canning so I had to figure something out – quickly. 


I cleaned, cut in half and removed the pits, I cooked the plums in prune juice, adding a bit of vanilla, zest of a lemon and nutmeg.  I added a little coconut sugar (not much) and simmered the plums for about ½ hour.  Boy oh boy – so yummy.  Plums thicken on their own,  so I didn’t have to add pectin.  Hubby likes this jam on toast (of course) but I put as a topping on cottage cheese.  Even had with plain Greek yogurt.   In the fall I always like to prepare Italian plums this way – my grandma used to use sugar but I have found that prune juice works well.  Add some lemon zest and you have ‘Lekvar’ – a Hungarian jam.  It has such a unique European flavor.


The pears are great – I love them when they are a little green so I haven’t found it necessary to cook, but pears poached in apple juice are yummy.  As for the apples & peaches – well, of course they decided to come together!  The peaches are easy – I just peel and put in some orange juice so they won’t brown and place in small plastic containers. I froze quite a few and left some in the fridge – hubby takes to work.  I use a portion of the frozen peaches in my protein shake in the morning.


Apples need to be cooked – you can make applesauce but my favorite is apple cobbler.  And I really have to use restraint.  It is way too tasty.  I peeled the apples, cut in half then sliced – found out I didn’t have to remove the core, just sliced.  Apples oxidize quickly so I just put in a bowl with orange juice.  I lightly rubbed butter on the bottom of a 9 x11 baking dish.  Drained apples, added cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla and a little coconut sugar.  Added some blueberries.  Placed in dish.  Mixed about 1 cup gluten free granola with a little coconut sugar.  Placed on top of apples, covered with sliced almonds and dotted with a little butter.  Baked for about 20 minutes at 350.  OMG – to die for.  You can do this with peaches too.  Hubby wanted it on ice cream – I chose cottage cheese. 


Enjoy the summer bounty of fruit.  Hope you liked these healthy ideas. And I kept them to less than 500 words!  TaDah! 


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