On one side of the triangle is the nutritional program. Diets are temporary – you can 'lose the weight' but, if you go back to your old habits, chances are you will 'find the weight' again and probably more.  Learn how to release the weight.  This program teaches and supports you on your journey to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle.  Combined with the food program, and just as necessary, is nutritional supplementation.  Our food today is so different than it was years ago.  You just can’t get all the nutrients you need from the foods you eat.  Your body needs high quality supplements that support every system in your body from the cellular level. Learn how to identify the supplements that are easily absorbed and bio-available. Supplements you can trust. Supplements that actually have in them what is listed on their label.  


Feel free to call me at 949-322-4381 if you would like more information about: A personalized food program to address your specific needs. The high quality pharmaceutical grade supplements that I take every day.

Is Gluten Free For Me - Front Cover

Is Gluten Free For Me - Back Cover