November? Really? Thanksgiving? Christmas? Here is some help for you as we head towards the end of the year.

It is hard to believe that we are heading, full force, into the holiday season.  This is not only a time of joy and sharing, but it also is a time when many people get so stressed out that they dread this time of year. 

A dear friend sent me a blog by Dr. Linda Khoshaba from Integrative Health in Scottsdale, Arizona.  My friend thought it would interest me because at the base of my Triangle of Good Health is MindFULLness.  I explain why I spell it incorrectly on this website.  triangle smallI feel this is a perfect time to share portions from this blog:

“Mindfulness is the complete state of awareness of the present moment.  The majority of the time, the human brain is either focused on the past or present and rarely do we make time and are even aware of what is going on in the present.” That is when our choices may not be the best.

Dr. Koshaba offers a suggestion for a Mindfulness exercise that I love because of the breathing – I suggest inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth:

“Before starting the exercise, situate yourself in a peaceful, quiet room and plan on doing this exercise for at least 5 minutes.  As you start, take a deep breath and focus your attention to the sight, smell and thought of the present moment.  Bring your attention and focus on what is going on internally.  If you feel that your thoughts are taking you to the past or future, become aware of this and bring yourself back to the present moment.  Keep your focus on your breathing as you inhale slowly and feel your abdomen expand.  Gently exhale slowly and feel your abdomen retract back to the original position.  Try a series of these breathing exercises for at least 5 minutes and really try to focus on the present moment, enjoying the experience this exercise can bring you.  This exercise should ideally be practiced at least once per day, it is a great way to either start or finish your day.  It evens makes a great exercise throughout the day to help you relax and feel more in control of your thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Not only can mindfulness help you relax, it can also bring about positive changes in physical symptoms such as lowering blood pressure, and improving sleep.”  It can even help lessen a headache.

Now, think about this:  If you could apply a portion of this exercise when you are tempted to eat something that you know is going to throw you off your food program and it would help you, wouldn’t you take a moment to do it?  So, take a deep breath, stop what you are doing, challenge yourself, then make the choice.  It is up to you!

Hope you thought this was helpful advice!  Have a great week.

Joyce Goodman –


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