New Food Rules!

In my never-ending quest to research information on how to have a healthy, well-nourished body, I ran across a wonderful little magazine.  Not new to me, but the title of this magazine caught my eye:  Prevention Magazine’s Food Lovers Issue – 100 Best Clean Foods.  The magazine cover stated “Eat Real Food – Never Diet Again”!

Of course I had to buy it.  There is a lot of great information in the magazine but you always have to use your instincts about what is right for your body.

Here are the new rules (with a comment by the author, Mark Bittman): ” In recent years, I’ve written a lot about my diet and the changes I’ve made to dramatically improve my health.  I talk about cutting down on processed food and my semi-permanent, semi-vegetarianism’.  He goes on to say “the most radical thing you can do to improve your health is to cook real food at home”.

I completely agree with that.  That is one of the reasons I wrote my book –

Is Gluten Free For Me?hard book image border (The hard copy is now available in the store on this website).   We have gotten ourselves into so much trouble with the readily available fast-foods that tempt us when we are too tired to cook at home.  The increase in auto immune disorders, in my opinion is a direct result of our instant gratification nature.  Does cooking most of your meals at home require a bit more planning and time?  Yes!  Are the resulting improvements to your health and well-being worth the time and effort?  You bet!

Here are Mr. Bittman’s Rules:

1)    Cook Real Food

  1. Cooking is healthier than not cooking
  2. It is also cheaper than not cooking
  3. Cooking gives you control

2)    Buy the best food in the store

  1. Go for the smallest tomatoes (they contain up to 10 times more cholesterol-lowering lycopene than the larger ones)
  2. Buy equal numbers of fruits and vegetables
  3. Choose whole carrots (scrub them rather than peeling) The packaged cute little carrots are mature – they are ‘low-nutrient nubbins’.
  4. Cook bold onions but eat sweet onions
  5. Buy spinach and lettuce by the bunch, not the bagged kind
  6. Don’t overlook artichokes – they are the richest in antioxidants

3)    Here is an interesting rule:  Eat your bacteria!

  1. Dr. Andrew Weil recommends eating salt-brined pickles, sauerdraut, kimchi and yogurt.  These foods help keep your ‘gut’ healthy.  Believe it or not, the fermentation in these foods aid digestion and helps make nutrients more accessible.  Parts of the world with high percentages of centenarians eat fermented foods in abundance
  2. Try going ‘flesh free’ one day a week.  This will cut your intake of saturated fat by 15%

4)    Ditch dieting for good!  Recalibrate your relationship with food:

i.      Eat a balanced, protein-packed breakfast

ii.    Try to walk 10,000 steps per day.

iii.    Eat something green at every lunch and dinner

2)    Eat your way well

  1. Love this rule!  The food you eat can cure what ails you!

3)    Get back to basics!

There were some wonderful recipes in this little magazine that I will be sharing with you in a few days.  Stay tuned!

I would love to hear your thoughts on these new ‘rules’.  Are they new?  Really?  Think about it!

This picture says it all!  4697523_l  Be well and stay healthy!  Blessings, Joyce

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