At the base of the triangle I have placed MindFULLness.  This is a concept rather than a real word, but it has so much meaning.  Learn how to help your MIND feel FULL instead of mindlessly eating. How do you approach the choices you make every day? Choices about the food you eat.  Choices about how you react to situations in your life.  Learn how to be in a state of Mind FULLness, become aware of your actions.  Everything has consequences.  Learn to recognize when you are full and not just bored or reacting to your surrounding circumstances.  Be MindFULLy aware of the signals you are receiving from not only your body but your mind – know when you are truly FULL and learn how to achieve a state of Mind FULLness.

YOU are in the center, at the heart of the triangle – your body needs to be balanced by a combination of all of these elements.  This information gives you the key that will allow you to put everything into action.  When all the sides of the triangle are balanced – you and your body will be balanced for life!  The tools that are included in this triangle will help you identify the reasons that have perpetuated self-defeating behaviors.