Let’s get ready for Thanksgiving! Great ideas to keep you keep you on track!

I love subscribing to on-line blogs and articles about health and wellness.  I received this the other day and thought it was perfect for this time of year.  It just made so much sense.  This is from Beyond Diet by Isabel De Los Rios:



 “Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving? While I love the family focus of Thanksgiving, I know the other focus – comfort food – can cause a lot of people’s good-eating intentions to go out the window.

I’m here to remind you that Thanksgiving does not need to send your diet into a downward spiral through the holiday season.

Even people who are very committed to their healthy eating plan can get derailed by candy at Halloween. Then, because their plan is off track, they experience Thanksgiving as the start of an eating extravaganza that extends to New Year’s Day.


You can keep your weight loss efforts on track – it just takes a little planning!joyce with salad


So here are 3 fast ways to ensure Thanksgiving is a fun, family day, not a food frenzy. Rather than gorging yourself and then feeling horrible after the fact, try these tips:

1. Remember that your Thanksgiving meal is just one meal. Serve yourself as if it were a typical lunch or dinner, NOT the last meal you’ll be having on Earth. My family eats early, so for me, it’s lunch. But several hours later, when everyone else is still on the couch complaining about how awful they feel, I make myself another healthy plate for dinner.

2. Plan to leave leftovers. For me, leftovers are the best part about Thanksgiving – after my family, of course! Cook several healthy dishes, whether they’re in addition to or instead of the traditional options. That way you’ll set yourself up for healthy eating for the entire weekend. Leftover turkey can be used so many delicious ways, and ensuring that your Thanksgiving meal includes lots of cooked veggies will leave you with delicious sides to go with your leftover turkey.

3. Allow yourself some treat foods. Look, I love pecan pie as much as the next person, and I am definitely having a piece this year. And since a family member will be bringing it, chances are it’s not going to be my healthy version. So I have two choices here: make my own gluten-free version, or eat the pecan pie that’s offered. Both options are okay! If I don’t have the time to make my own version, I will be treating myself to a delicious slice of pie…I may even load it up with whipped cream! The point is to plan ahead and choose what’s worth the indulgence.

Now’s the time to figure out your game plan for Thanksgiving day so you can enjoy your family meal without overdoing or feeling deprived. Go in with a plan, and you can avoid any post-holiday guilt and enjoy the season in mind AND body”!     organize  



I love Google images – and I loved this – it’s just like my ‘Stop, Challenge and Choose”!  It’s up to you!


So there you have it.  Hope you didn’t get too off track with Halloween – that’s when the cycle starts.  So start thinking about the choices you will make next week.  That is what it boils down to.  With a bit of good planning you will do just fine!  Love the thought that we should eat like it is our last meal.  When there is so much food in front of our eyes we are so tempted.  But YOU are the boss of you!  Hang tight – then your pants won’t be too tight – ok, made myself smile like Buddy the Elf!will ferrell

 Have a great week!


Joyce Goodman


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