Inch by Inch Life’s a Cinch!

jumping womenYard by yard, life is hard!  Small changes can make big changes in your body!   After our little weekend of rain we have more beautiful weather coming our way.  The air is fresh and smells so good!  Makes you want to move your body, right?  Summer is right around the corner, guys!  We have been covered up in sweaters and sweats and now the weather is warmer and we need to not only shed the outer layers, it is a great time to shed some of those unwanted pounds that we stored up.  Here are a couple of ideas:

Someone told me her doctor told her to get a good pair of walking shoes and walk thirty minutes each and every day! walking.jpg

It is less expensive than enrolling in a gym.  And, if you add some good, purposeful, deep breathing, you are golden.  Of course you all know that my favorite exercise is bouncing!  But adding a 30 minute walk a day along with your favorite workout will really help you achieve great results.  Taking a walk after dinner is great.  The sun is still up, and walking will help you digest your meal(s) and if you bring the hubby, kids, friends and or dogs, etc., it is a great time to catch up on your busy days.  It is a wonderful habit to form – and you will soon see that your will ‘crave’ that time!  That is the kind of craving you want!

Now, let’s look at the foods we eat.  Have you noticed that in many of the magazines that are out now, the focus has been on the latest and greatest weight loss programs?  I sure have.  There are so many – it gets really confusing.  They lure you in with headlines like – ‘Lose 10 pounds this week on the (insert name of program here) diet’!  Boy, if all these programs are so good, why is obesity such an epidemic?

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some great ideas – but if something appears too good to be true and makes big claims, I would be careful.  One program I see so much about now is the Paleo Diet.  And while its basic principles are good, there are some things to look at.  The Paleo Diet is the ‘hunters and gatherers’ diet.  People from eons ago only ate what they could hunt and gather, i.e., fruit, veggies, nuts, eggs, fish, poultry, meat. veggies That is the basic principle of this diet.   Sugar, grains, beans and dairy are not considered Paleo friendly foods.  That is a bit restrictive and, in some cases, can cause some vitamin deficiencies.  To release weight, you definitely have to limit and even eliminate processed foods, but a good source of protein comes from certain dairy products.  Unless you have a specific sensitivity to these products, they should be an important part of your daily food program.  That’s just my take on it from my research.  I get a lot of great ideas for meals that are Paleo friendly, but I encourage everyone to do their research – if you do want some dairy – think about Greek yogurt – it is high in protein, has calcium which is important for strong bones and teeth and is a great way to supplement smoothies.  Also – if you love cheese – choose the cheese that isn’t orange – think about it – cheese is made from milk – and is it orange?  No!  In my book ‘Is Gluten Free For Me?’ I have information on why you shouldn’t eat yellow cheese!  Just go to the store on my website and you can purchase the PDF version!  Sorry, had to do a little plug!  I have a lot of interesting food facts and great new recipes  in the revised edition of the book!

Here is one thing I have found out – if you are on a diet that promises rapid weight loss, it is not a program that should be used long term.  The best thing to do is to make changes to your diet that are going to be cumulative.  Slow and steady is the best way to go.  Create healthy habits that will last your life time.  We shouldn’t be a nation of crash dieters, but we are, unfortunately.  It is the yoyo syndrome.  Your weight goes down, then it comes up.  Let’s learn to set a steady course so that cycle will be broken!

Be well, make a good healthy choice/change each day and you will see results.

Love and Blessings, Joyce Goodman

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