Is Your Resolve To Improve For 2015 Dissolving?

oopsSo often in January we make resolutions to get healthier, release those extra holiday pounds and exercise more.  We hit it hard and heavy for a couple of weeks, then kind of fall back to old habits.  Now it is almost the middle of February (oh no) and you are frustrated and probably mentally beating yourself up!  Well, you don’t have to.  I am here to… help Let’s do a mind check:  Is it time to reset some goals?  I bet it is.  How about making some realistic, short term goals.  Sometimes we can get overwhelmed with the big picture – so it is better to think about making incremental changes.  Think about this –  if you make one healthy choice a day, i.e., drink more water and eliminate a diet or regular soda each day, your body will thank you.  Regular soda is filled with sugar and diet soda is filled with so many harmful additives – plus they trigger cravings for more sweet things.  That’s not helping you.  Do you have a sandwich for lunch?  Try having it without the bread.  If you go out to lunch with friends order a hamburger without the bun, a turkey sandwich without the croissant and ask for sliced tomatoes instead of fries.  Hold the cheese too.  You will cut down on extra fat and calorie dense simple carbs and guess what?  You will enjoy the ‘fillings’ more and will feel satiated and even proud of yourself.  If you are order a salad – watch the croutons and extra cheese.  Take it easy on the salad dressing.  Ask for it on the side – and use lemon too.  Lemon slows down the release of the glycemic index of the food, is a great substitute for salt and really enhances the taste of the food.  You can add a bit of dressing – but use it sparingly.  Most salad dressings have 200 calories in a serving!

Think about finger foods for snacks – carrot and celery sticks, cherry tomatoes, radishes, hard boiled eggs.  If you need something sweet – have a bowl of berries.  A trick that I use is freezing grapes –  just two or three grapes at a time, they are sweet and take awhile to ‘melt’ and are very satisfying.  Try adding a tablespoon of nut butter with the veggies – also a small apple with nut butter is great and you get some protein too.  Low fat cheese sticks are good.  And a small container of Greek yogurt is a great source of protein.

And you know you need to exercise – a body in motion stays in motion.  Find something that is fun – that is why I love bouncing on large exercise balls – it never gets boring and the extra benefit is that you are building your immune system up by moving those lymphatic fluids.  Also – deep, purposeful breathing is so easy and effective and oxygenates your body and brain.

Want more information?  Want to connect?  Let me know!  I would love to help you.  Just contact me at  Want to do a video chat?  Let me know what time and I will join you at  It is easy and fun!

Just remember, you aren’t alone!  high five

Blessings, Joyce


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