Is it Brussel Sprouts or Brussels Sprouts? That is the question that was asked when the book was being edited. And I just bet all of you are saying Book? There really IS a book?

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As for the book, yes indeed, there is a book.  But before I give you the answer (or opinion) on the Brussel(s) Sprout(s) question, I would like to share an update on the book with you all.

This has been a really interesting, and to say the least,  challenging week.  I received the final proofed copy of my book and now all that remains to be done is the indexing.  We have two versions of the book, one for the Kindle version – which you have been patiently waiting for.  And one for the hard copy version.  Two completely different formats.  Even though the book was finished, on my part, months ago – there is so much more involved that just saying ‘TaDah” and releasing it.

Built into the book are landing pages that will provide you with free charts and cooking videos, we will give you access to sites that will offer so much information on health.  What started out to be a working relationship with my publishers and book managers has turned into a partnership.  I have been exposed to elements of writing, publishing, distribution, etc., that I never knew existed.  When these lovely people approached me and said ‘would you write a book’, I said ‘Sure’!  Not that I regret doing that – I love writing – but I had NO idea what was going to transpire – and here it is – fully nine plus months later and we are just a couple of weeks away from giving birth.  And boy, oh boy, did we experience labor pains.

But our ‘baby’ is wonderful, if I do say so.  Filled with information that I know can make a difference where health is concerned.  I have read (and re-read) the book several times.  And I am so proud of the information in it.  And Dr. Ladd McNamara’s contribution is brilliant.  The book is approximately 150 pages, depending on the version.  And on those pages there are lots of words, phrases, punctuation – I think it is over 10,000 words – so you can only imagine what that means.  Some edits made me laugh, some made me cry, some were easy, some were frustrating.

Well, I am going to share one that kind of made me do about three of the above descriptions.  Who knew that the lovely little Brussel Sprout could turn up so many different opinions?

brusselsproutsObviously, if there wasn’t a great recipe in the book, this wouldn’t have been an issue.   The proofreader said Brussels Sprout – I said ‘Huh?”  So I did some research – love the internet.  And I came up with as many different opinions are there are recipes.  So, final call – I made it – Brussel Sprouts.  I came across a great blog by Kalyn Denny in 2005 – here is a bit of the excerpt where she ponders the correct spelling:

“But here is the purpose for this post. I am seriously wondering which is the correct spelling, brussel sprouts or brussels sprouts. Since I talk about being a teacher, I don’t like to make spelling or grammatical errors on my blog. Interestingly enough, when I searched I found it both ways. Even on, certainly a very reputable source, I found a recipe where it was spelled one way in the title and one way in the recipe! Due to the lack of consensus I have decided I’m going to spell it the way I say it, without the extra *s*. If someone can prove to me that I’m wrong, I will change my ways.”  Obviously, I agree with her.  You can see Kalyn’s full post on

So there you have the lengthy discourse on Brussel Sprouts and the book saga.  Be patient – the book is well worth the wait!  If you haven’t ordered your book – please do – it is free for a limited time.  Simply go to the Free Book icon on my home page and enter your email.
Blessings, have a great, happy week!





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