I have a challenge for you as we begin the week before Mother’s Day

Every one has or has had a Mother, right?  And whether you are a woman or a man I am offering you a special challenge for this week.

When you think of Mother – what do you think of?  Now, I am speaking in general terms.  I don’t want you going to the place where you may or may not have had what you considered to be a wonderful Mother – I hope you did have, but if not – well, perhaps now is the time to release any thoughts that might have negative reactions to your body or mind.  Don’t mean to open a can of worms, but let’s see how we can help ourselves.  I am far from being a therapist – I am just speaking from my heart.

It is my belief that people operate within their circle of knowledge or with the experience they have or had at that time of their life.  If you are or were fortunate to have a wonderful Mother, then bless that experience – show your gratitude and love.  If you had experiences that were not the ones you had wanted, then use this week to begin to release those feelings that are not healthy.  This may take some work, and may take more than this week but at least try.  You might be surprised at the results that come from this.  Many illnesses and diseases come from held on-to traumas brought on by not having the kind of home environment that was loving and nurturing.

So my challenge to all of you, regardless of your gender, is to Mother yourselves this week and do it with aforethought.  Here are some attributes that I associate with a good Mother:

Love, patience, kindness, humor, strength, compassion, consideration and understanding.

Let’s look at love.

helen steiner riceI have always loved the offerings of Helen Steiner Rice, and never as much as with this lovely saying.  How often do you get angry with yourselves, talk down to yourselves?  Is your ‘self talk’ uplifting?  Do you really appreciate the wonderful creation that you are?

Are you patient and kind to yourselves?  Are you slow to anger over something that you feel you could have done better, or perhaps shouldn’t have done?  Can you approach things that have happened to you that perhaps you felt weren’t what you wanted to have happen with humor?  The ability to be able to laugh at things that happen is a true gift.

I encourage you all to approach your circumstances with strength and compassion.  And understand that you truly are a miracle and your lives have meaning.  Everything you do has far-reaching effects on those around you and on those who are around those who are around you.  Make sense?

elephant loveHonor yourself, your body & spirit by nourishing yourself.  Be mindful and not mindless in how you take care of yourselves.

True happiness is within your reach.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Be the best mother ever, to yourselves!

Have a wonderful, purpose-filled week!  Blessings and love.



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