Hope everyone is doing well with their Body Pledge – here are some helpful ideas to keep you on the path to wellness.


Well, here we are ready to start the second week of April!  It is hard to believe!  How are you all doing on your journey?  Last week I posted a challenge for you to join me in pledging to make good choices where your body is concerned.   I belong to a business networking group and was asked by their Education Coordinator to read something in his absence.  I thought it was amazing that it corresponded with what I had just posted two days before.  it seemed fitting to share these suggestions.  Also, my favorite saying to my students is ‘inch by inch life’s a cinch, yard by yard, life is hard’.


Can each of you make a few minor changes this week, starting now, that will add up to greater success in your journey and satisfaction knowing that your are treating yourself well?


Can you set your alarm five minutes earlier, or resist the temptation to press snooze one last time?  If so, turn those five extra minutes into prayer, meditation and/or personal quiet time to reflect on the upcoming day. Our support group has been practicing meditation to help us focus our minds and get rid of the chatter that can be very distracting.  It works!


Can you skip one sitcom, or refuse to watch it unless you are on a piece of exercise equipment? If so, you can turn those thirty extra minutes into a daily workout!  So easy – how about getting a large exercise ball and bouncing during your favorite show – or even just during the commercials!  You will be surprised how easy that is to implement into your routine.  And, hey, I know a great studio that sells balls and can show you how to use them – just call me!

Can you order a side salad instead of French fries with your value meals?  If so, you can turn those 570 saved calories (OMG – 570 calories for an order of fries – yikes!) and 30 grams of fat (double yikes!) into the loss of one pound of fat per week, if you do this every day, once per day!


Can you play one less online round of Words with Friends, Farmville, MyCitytown, or other virtual world game on Facebook? How about simply choosing to turn facebook off except for set times each day?   If so, you can turn that thirty minutes or more into time with family, added productivity at work, or advance a hobby that interests you.  Hey, this is easy for me – I am not a fan of those games, thankfully.  Sorry if I offended anyone

Little changes add up to big results. Have a wonderful week everyone!


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