Hooray! I am in the final phase of finishing up the on-line version of my book!


The title is “ Is Gluten Free For Me”?  Not only does the book have 21 wonderful recipes that are gluten free (plus a few bonus recipes), but there is also a lot of in-depth information on how to identify foods with gluten and the impact that gluten can have on people who have that sensitivity.  Plus, I have included quite a bit of information on how to identify low glycemic foods.  The glycemic index in the foods you eat have a big impact on your blood sugar levels.  There is a whole section devoted to listing this index of foods in an effort to help you make healthy choices.


There are several bonuses in the book:  Links that you can go to for a free CD by my dear friend, Dr. Ladd McNamara.  He generously shares his vast knowledge on health and nutrition in the forward.  There are several charts that are available also – a super vitamin chart and a food program chart that will help you plan healthy meals each day. 



 As an added bonus – when you order the book I am also offering a free sample of a special seasoning that I use all the time. Not only I am thrilled to be able to share so much healthy information along with delicious family recipes, the most exciting part of this journey is to offer a blend of seasonings that was developed by my dear son, Mark Reid.  His seasonings are organic, healthy, gluten free and combined to enhance the flavor of the dishes you prepare!  And, we are taking them to market!  That’s right – on August 22nd I will be in a professional kitchen, bottling our first seasoning.  It is a Beef Rub that has such an amazing flavor.  Mark has created six different blends, but I have chosen the Beef Rub (which I use on steak, roasts and in soups) to be the first.  Then, during the holiday season, we will be offering a gift pack. These seasonings will have certified nutritional labels on them – and trust me, what it says on the label, will be in the bottle.  Just like the USANA vitamins I use and recommend!  Gosh, this sounded like a commercial.  LOL – guess it is! 

bottleNow, in keeping with the contents of the book, during the next few weeks I will be sharing new information that was just released by the FDA on gluten free foods.  According to the FDA, ‘one criteria for using the claim of ‘gluten-free’ is that the FDA has set a gluten limit of less than 20 parts per million in foods that carry the GF label.  This definition will eliminate uncertainty about how food producers label their products’.  This is very good news for all those people suffering from gluten intolerance. 


Please watch for the announcement of the release of the book – you can download it for free for the first few days – tell your friends! 

And watch for our upcoming contests – great prizes!  Blessings!







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