Happy 2nd Anniversary Bounce 2 Health Wellness Center!

2The phrase time flies when you are having fun really is true!  It is hard to believe that it has been two years (on October 3rd) that the Bounce 2 Health Wellness Center has been opened.

To celebrate the beginning of our third year, we will be having a FREE Senior Health Day at the center.  It seems fitting – start the year off will offering a free demonstration about how exercise can be as easy as breathing in and out.  Then I will present a cooking demonstration featuring a couple of recipes from my upcoming book and then everyone gets to enjoy the food.  Following that, I have a special guest, Mr. Jim Rosenquist, who is a Medicare specialist with Humana, who will share his vast knowledge of the new Medicare regulations and offer insight on what to expect from your health care provider in 2014.”

Forgive me if I do a little reminiscing.  This has turned out to be quite a year.  We have made many new friends – dear souls who have brought blessings beyond belief.  We have laughed, loved, cried and learned a lot together.

If you would have told me last October 3rd (at my first anniversary party) that I was going to write a book and bottle seasonings, I would have not believed you!  And one year later my book, “Is Gluten Free for Me?” is in the pre-order phase.  And at the end of this week I will have 400 (!) bottles of my son’s own recipe for Beef Rub, bottled and ready to take to market.

To say that I have learned so much during the due diligence phase of my preparations for writing the book and developing the recipes, is a true understatement.

It is thrilling to me that the information that is presented in the book can potentially change many people’s lives.  Not only are the recipes delicious and easy to prepare, but the in depth information on how gluten affects the body and how to identify foods that are low-glycemic is so well defined.  And that is due, in no small part, to the wonderful contribution of Dr. Ladd McNamara. 

I am even more determined than ever to keep the momentum going.  To keep sharing the importance and the consequences of the choices you make.

It is my intention to keep the fun coming too.  To keep adding new exercises to the classes – trying out new equipment that will benefit your body and offer a challenge.  I am loving the new egg balls.  The ‘Eggsercises” are fun and effective.  I will keep looking for the newest information and trends in health and wellness and share with them with you all.

I am grateful for each and every one of you.  You have brought blessings beyond belief.  So, here is to old friends and to friends I have yet to meet.

I am here to help create health & wellness – one person at a time.love


Joyce Goodman

www.bounce2health.com  Please order your book!


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