Don’t feel quite right? Tired? Is it a tummy ache or do you have a food sensitivity?

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It hurts!

Sound familiar?  Boy, it sure does to me.  I can’t tell you how many times I have had patients/students tell me they have these symptoms.  Now, it may, indeed be that they have been working too hard or have a bit of a bug.  But there have been times when, it talking to them about what they are eating, there is an indication that they may be having food sensitivities. 

And, unfortunately, this seems to be happening more and more.  Actually two weeks ago I had a bout of something.  And it lasted for about 4 days.  Turned out it was, more than likely, a food borne bug.  I had really bad cramping and just didn’t feel well.  My instincts told me to lighten up on the meat.  And within a couple of days, the symptoms started lessening. 

Then I started noticing I was actually dropping (thankfully) a few pounds and had more energy.  Now, for a person who touts a high protein & a lots of veggies diet, I found this challenging.  I turned to shakes for my main source of protein and eggs too.  I am just being really cautious about the meats I am eating.  Trying to keep them light.  A bit of fish and I am gradually adding a little chicken here and there.

There were two patients that I just worked with that had the same issue.  Then I had one patient make a point of stopping by the studio and thanking me for giving them my low glycemic food program.  She is in her 70’s and feels ‘like a new woman’.

 green and red healthy food

Rainbow colored foods are the best!

Choosing what foods to eat shouldn’t be that hard, but nowadays, you really have to be careful of the source.  Organic is the best, but it is a bit pricier – but it is worth it.

To help some of my people who are complaining of the above symptoms, the first thing I recommend is that they write down everything they eat and not write down what they think I want to hear – I am not judging.  This is in an effort to see their patterns.  After talking with them at length, I make suggestions about eliminating first wheat from their diet, then dairy.  I ask them to not eat wheat for 5 days then tell me how they feel.  Then they are asked to eliminate the dairy.  This is a bit more difficult for some. 

Our foods, especially wheat and dairy, are just not produced the way it used to be.  I found two amazing sources for nutritional info on line – one is and the other is  I was actually fortunate enough to speak to the managing editor of the Buffalo Healthy Living Magazine – I was so impressed with the online magazine.  And the other site seems to have very comprehensive and extensive information about elimination diets.

It is so interesting that all of this great info is coming to my attention right now, what with my soon to be released book!  Coincidence?  Don’t think so.  Makes me proud – I so want to help people.  Order the book!  Blessings and thank you!  Joyce Goodman


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