A few questions for you and an easy exercise to add to start your day off! Join us at class and learn more!


Can’t believe today is the first day of June, can you?  Where did the first part of the year go?  Were you able to keep your New Year’s resolution?  Did you become more mindful with your food choices?  Did you stick to your plan to exercise more often? 


Some types of exercise can be a pain, both literally and figuratively. Exercising should be fun and rewarding.  Exercising should keep you motivated and wanting more.


Now, you probably know where this is leading, right?  Bouncing!  I found out that it is much easier to blow up a ball than purchase a lot of expensive equipment.  I have been sharing a lot of information about food lately, so I figured it was time to bring it back to my basics.  Movement.  And, of course, bouncing.  But it is even more than that.  One thing I have found from teaching classes this past year and a half at my center is that people are still having fun and getting stronger.  But most importantly, we are developing a lovely community of people who encourage each other and really care about each other.  I love it when everyone shares their stories with one another.  And I love when everyone hugs each other when the class is over.


I always try to keep the classes fresh and challenging.  I love putting together music that is uplifting and my most favorite thing is when people whistle, laugh and sing during our workouts. 


But we are really accomplishing a lot too, without feeling whipped at the end of the class.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, we always feel like we have worked every muscle in our bodies, and I have been told there are muscles that some of us never knew we had and I found them.  But, because we are bouncing and using gravity to our advantage, and the lymphatic fluids are flowing, we are oxygenating every cell, bone, muscle and tissues so you don’t feel that sore afterwards.



I always try to do ‘two for one’ exercises.  One of my favorite exercises is to use a towel while bouncing.  I used to do that with my trampoline classes (gosh, 30 years ago)!  And it is still as effective. 

You can get some extra exercise at home by using a towel.  Simply grasp the towel at both ends and keep it pulled tightly.  Use that towel as resistance.  I tell my students to do deep breathing exercises everyday – inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.  They are also instructed to raise their hands over their heads when inhaling and bring them down with the exhale.  If you do that movement while holding the towel you have a ‘two for one’. So add those simple movements to your daily routine and you will feel great.  Start and end your day with these simple exercises. With a little bit of effort each day you will be surprised at how good you will feel.  It’s really easy!




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